Three Dangers of Improper Medical Waste Removal

Three Dangers of Improper Medical Waste Removal

Three Dangers of Improper Medical Waste Removal

When your medical facility needs to remove its waste, you want to ensure that you are properly following the regulations dictated by the medical community.  Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of proper medical waste removal can result in many consequences, ranging from fines to legal action.  In order to protect yourself in the best way possible, you should consider hiring a safe alternative medical waste treatment for your needs.   It is essential to understand the following dangers of improper medical waste removal in order to avoid making costly mistakes for both your business and the environment.

Hefty Fines and Legal Expenses

If your facility is found to be improperly disposing of your medical waste, you can suffer from enormous fines or legal expenses.  When you are found guilty of improper waste removal that results in dangers or threats to your community, you will likely need to cover the expenses associated with any injuries incurred, damages done, or any other federal penalties associated with the improper procedures.  Even if you outsource your medical waste removal to a treatment facility that has improper practices, you could still be found liable.  This is why it is critical to trust your medical waste in the right hands.

Threat to Your Patients and Staff

Improper medical waste removal can have many threatening risks to both your medical staff and the patients that visit your facility.  Because garbage from healthcare facilities can range from dangerous radioactive supplies to potentially diseased human tissue or blood samples, it is important to dispose of them without risking the safety of others.  These risks can include both disease and death in any who are exposed during any improper removal practices.  Up-to-date training on current waste removal practices is necessary to keep your employees practicing the safe and correct ways to dispose of medical waste.  

Tarnish Your Reputation

Not only will improper waste removal practices cost you a lot of money to recover, they may also damage your reputation in the medical and local community.  People will be less likely to trust your care and medical services when they hear about your incorrect treatments that have resulted in damages or injuries to those in the community.  This could cause loss of business and even threaten the existence of your practice in general.  

These are only three of the most common dangers of improper medical waste removal from your medical facility.  One of the best ways to ensure that you avoid improper waste removal practices is to trust the right removal company.  With Steri-Green, an alternative medical waste treatment, we offer environmentally safe methods to properly remove medical waste from your facility.  Trust us as your premiere medical waste removal company today.