Why Reducing Medial Waste Weight Is Important

Why Reducing Medial Waste Weight Is Important

Why Reducing Medial Waste Weight Is Important


Since the early 2000’s new and more “earth friendly” options for reducing medical waste weight have been popping up in the medical waste removal market.  Some of these methods are more efficient than others and many come with hefty price tags and limited availability.


Medical Waste disposal is heavily regulated both by the Federal Government and by individual State laws. Their doctrines put a high price tag on the cost associated with the hauling and treatment needed to protect the population from any possible contamination. The burden of controlling biohazardous waste falls on the producers of the waste starting from how they collect it to the way they elect to have it processed.   Once your waste is in the hands of a disposal company, you may be held liable for any accidents or injuries that occur during hauling or treatment.


To date more efforts are being taken to educate medical personnel on what actually should be placed in “red-bags” as biohazards and which items can be considered regular waste.  This can assist in reducing the actual weight of each bag. Also, because of the risks and regulations associated with the way in which the red bag waste is picked up and destroyed, it is much more expensive than that of regular waste disposal.  Biohazardous waste is 13 times more costly to dispose of than regular trash. Producers of this type of waste need to focus on what they can control by understanding what they place in their red bags.


Steri-Green, LLC is leading the way of providing an “earth friendly” disposal service center that utilizes the SteriMed systems, drastically reducing the weight and volume of the medical waste through a patented shredding and sterilization process.  


The Steri-Green process reduces the weight of the waste by up to 25% prior to landfilling by removal of trapped liquids.  We reduce landfill volumes by as much as 90% by eliminating all hollow volumes in the medical waste through shredding.


Steri-Green pays less in fees associated with most conventional haulers and disposers of biohazardous waste by the sheer reduction of the waste that is rendered and then hauled to landfills.


We are committed to reduce the effect of how our medical waste impacts our earth. Go green with Steri-Green!