The Four Different Types of Medical Waste

The Four Different Types of Medical Waste

The Four Different Types of Medical Waste

We can all recognize those big red bins in each exam room at our doctor's office, and we all notice when our doctors dispose of their gloves or used tissues into those bins.  Those red bins are used to properly dispose of medical waste in any facility that requires medical treatments to take place.  Medical waste is any by-product of a health care worker or facility.  Many hospitals, dentists, doctors, rehabilitation centers, and laboratories must follow proper procedures for medical waste management in Orlando.  In order to understand how to properly dispose of medical waste, it is best to first differentiate between the four types.

General Waste

Most of the medical waste that is thrown out is categorized as general medical waste.  This includes most common items that are thrown away, like paper essentials and office waste.  Most of this can actually be thrown out in regular garbage cans, but it is sometimes carelessly or hastily thrown into medical waste bins.  Once it is placed in those bins, it must be removed as medical waste and put through the specific medical waste removal process.

Infectious Waste

Infectious waste is defined as any medical waste that could cause an infection to those who come into contact with it.  This includes blood, human tissue, or anything that has come in contact with bodily fluids.  This waste must be dealt with properly in order to ensure that it does not bring harm to anyone it may potentially come in contact with.  To avoid accidents, safely remove any infectious waste by following protocols.

Hazardous Waste

This type of waste is medical waste that is dangerous, but cannot cause any infections.  These can include sharp objects that have not come in contact with any infections, surgical instruments, and other potentially harmful objects or tools.  These must be disposed of properly to avoid any punctures or other injuries.

Radioactive Waste

Certain treatments in the medical community involve radioactive elements.  Treatments like cancer therapies and certain testing methods may generate waste that has radioactive elements to them.  This requires another specific waste removal technique to ensure the safety of your patients, staff, and sanitary workers.  Also, any medical equipment that uses nuclear elements must be safely discarded once they are used and discarded.

These are the four types of medical waste that are disposed of in medical facilities, like hospitals, doctor's offices, laboratories, and nursing homes.  It is critical to separate these types of waste when you dispose of them in your facility, as then they will be able to be properly removed and eliminated without incurring additional damages or contamination.  As a company specializing in environmentally safe medical waste management in Orlando, we strive to provide a cleaner and safer method of waste removal.  Contact us today to find out how our methods can help you create a cleaner planet.