The Environmental Hazards of Medical Waste

The Environmental Hazards of Medical Waste

The Environmental Hazards of Medical Waste

Medical waste removed from clinics, practices, and hospitals is typically labelled in an easily recognizable red bag.  This waste is intended to be removed to a medical waste facility that is trained in proper procedures and strategies targeting the proper and safe elimination of medical waste.  As an environmentally safe medical waste disposal in Orlando, we at Steri-Green strive to change the way medical waste is removed from communities.  However, the proper and safe removal of medical waste does not always occur.  The ineffective and unsafe removal of medical waste can cause many damaging effects and hazards on our environment.  

Creates Litter and Contamination

Many communities and countries are affected differently by the lack of proper disposal of medical waste.  Some communities and companies sadly do not place emphasis on the importance of segregating medical waste from other waste.  This mixture can then end up at a landfill or waste disposal plant that is unfit to remove medical waste.  This typically results in contamination of soil and water supply.  Also, this poses a risk to garbage collectors, who can incur needle pricking injuries and be at risk for potential infection.  

Creates Air Pollution

Not only does improper removal of medical waste create litter, but the actual process of eliminating medical waste also produces air pollution.  The dangerous incinerators that a frequently used to eliminate medical waste release carbon dioxide and other toxin into the air.  This contributes to the greenhouse effect and degrades air quality in those communities.  Inhaling these dangerous airborne chemicals can wreak havoc on the community.  It can be important to educate yourself on alternative methods to eliminate medical waste that could help save the environment and reduce the carbon footprint.

Poses Health Risks

One of the more immediate hazards of improper removal of medical waste is the health risks.  Patients and the community exposed to dangerous litter may find themselves infected by diseases that can be carried on improperly disposed syringes, needles, or blood samples.  The toxic effects of air pollution can also lead to respiratory problems.  When contaminants reach the water supply, individuals in affected communities will be at risk for drinking water containing pathogens or bacteria that could cause harmful or severe diseases.  These health issues are never worth the risk.  

It is imperative to properly separate and eliminate medical waste as outlined by state and federal regulations.  As an environmentally safe medical waste disposal in Orlando, Steri-Green offers a medical waste removal service that reduces the environmental footprint by 90%.  With this shocking statistic, the methods and removal procedures used by Steri-Green are life-changing.  To partner your medical practice with Steri-Green and reduce your carbon footprint, contact us today.