The Deadly Consequences of Improper Medical Waste Handling

The Deadly Consequences of Improper Medical Waste Handling

The Deadly Consequences of Improper Medical Waste Handling

While many people complain about the number of regulations that medical facilities must abide by, there are very good reasons when it comes to the handling of medical waste. Before you put your name on another bag of medical waste to be picked up by your medical waste management company in Orlando, take a second to consider the consequences if medical waste is not handled correctly.


Sharp Injuries


Sharp injuries can come from needles that are not properly disposed of, but they can also come from a wide range of other medical equipment, including razor blades, scissors, lancets, clamps, staples, cutters glass items or any other object that can cut skin. The major concern is the passing of Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which can lead to AIDS along with Hepatitis B and C. It is possible for many other diseases to be passed through viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. Since many can live outside the body for up to 24 hours, it is possible for a whole team to get infected before anyone recognizes the danger.


Release of Drugs into the Environment


There are many types of harm that can come to the environment when medical waste is not properly disposed of. Radioactive waste is a problem that many facilities must face. Many types of radioactive waste are not a problem if they do not become airborne, however, once they do, then they can cause all types of health problems. When radioactive waste is taken to a landfill, the chemicals can run off into the groundwater causing additional health concerns. Over 40 million Americans may be drinking contaminated water, and some of that water was contaminated by medical waste.


Rapidly Spreading Infections


Expert studies show that half a kilogram of biohazardous waste is generated per hospital bed daily. Often, materials are incinerated, but that can pose serious environmental consequences. Dioxins, which are chemically related compounds that persistently release organic pollutants, can be a byproduct of such practice. This can cause problems with reproductive and developmental health, weaken the immune system and disturb hormonal levels in the body. Furthermore, heavy metals can be released, including arsenic, chromium, mercury, and lead. Burning medical waste can also release acid gases and pathogens into the air.


The World Health Organization warns that if medical facilities burn medical waste, then these facilities must be inspected regularly to ensure that they are properly keeping toxins contained.


While the production of medical waste is inevitable, an environmentally friendly approach to dispose of it has been developed by Dr. Lappe’s. If you are business that cares about the environment and you’re looking to make a change to a green medical waste management company in Orlando, Steri-Green is your answer. Get in touch with Steri-Green today to learn about environmentally friendly ways to deal with medical waste. Find out how you can start saving with Steri-Green’s medical waste management in Orlando solutions.