The Costly Problem of Sharp Needles

The Costly Problem of Sharp Needles

The Costly Problem of Sharp Needles

Almost 9 million people dispose of over 3 billion sharp needles outside of health care facilities annually. Doctors and other health care workers use more than 8 billion Sharp needles annually. Additionally, people use them in veterinary care. Together, they add up to a considerable disposal problem that can be costly to solve.    

How do Sharps Cause Injury? 

In health care facilities, Sharps can be a real problem. About 350,000 Sharp injuries occur annually. There are about 168,000 people injured during the use of the item. Another 105,000 get hurt while getting them in the Sharps box while the rest receive injuries while handling medical waste or in different ways.

What is the cost of a Sharp injury?  

Even if a Sharp needle injures just one of your employees, it can be very costly to your practice. First, the employee is likely to need time off to deal with the injury. Depending on the circumstances, they may need expensive medical testing. You or one of your staff will need to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident and write up a report. Your facility will need to file it with your workers' compensation insurance company, which may make your rates go up. Since you need each member of your staff, you will need to hire temporary help. Therefore, a single needle prick can easily cost your facility more than $5,000. More importantly, it can be deadly to your staff, depending on what contaminated the needle.  

How do you Safely Dispose of Sharps?  

When you hire an outside contractor to dispose of Sharps, you still face possible liability under the United States law if an issue arises before the needles reach their endpoint. On the other hand, you can choose to work with Steri-green. Their revolutionary system allows you to safely dispose of Sharps within your facility in a matter of minutes. When you buy the machine that is about the size of a photocopier, you control the cost of getting rid of Sharps. After an employee follows the simple instructions, you can throw away Sharps in the regular trash. You receive the peace of mind of knowing that your trusted employees are doing the task correctly. You also minimize your carbon footprint, which helps protect the earth for the next generation.    
You need the safest medical waste management in Orlando services. That happens when you take care of the danger of Sharps within your facility. Contact Steri-green today, and cut the ties to your medical waste management in Orlando. As a community service, they also allow home users to dispose of their Sharps for free. All you must pay is a small cost for Sharps containers. Go ahead and save money while making your practice safer by contacting Steri-green.