Introducing Our Revolutionary Alternative Medical Waste Treatment Option

Introducing Our Revolutionary Alternative Medical Waste Treatment Option

Introducing Our Revolutionary Alternative Medical Waste Treatment Option

Many health care providers, veterinarians, and other health care providers struggle with the cost of disposing of medical waste on an ongoing basis. In the Orlando area, medical waste is often hauled many miles to a safe disposal area at the expense of medical providers. Steri-Green is your alternative medical waste treatment that can be done in your facility in under 20 minutes.


Who Operates the Steri-Green System and Where?

There are two different sizes of SteriMed machines that can be installed based on the amount of medical waste that you need to handle. Most facilities use the smaller unit that is about the size of a self-use copy machine, so it conveniently tucks inside soiled linen closets and other places. Since each cycle only takes about 20 minutes to complete, it is easy for staff to work into their normal routine. The system 70 can process 2,500 pounds of medical waste daily and the system 15 can handle approximately one third of that. All that is needed to operate the system is a water line, electricity and SteriCid that sanitizes the waste.

How Does the Steri-Green System Work?

First, the operator opens the machine and loads it. All types of medical waste can be put in the machine including Sharps. The operator hits two buttons simultaneously to close the lid. Then, taps another button to start the machine. Once started, the medical waste is mixed with a patented chemical solution that stops any harmful things from entering the environment. It also shreds the medical waste. At the end of the operation, the medical waste comes out into a trash bin automatically as a product called ploof that resembles confetti. Then, it can be disposed of in your regular trash. One entire cycle takes about 20 minutes, so you can easily find someone to do it as often as necessary.


Is Steri-Green Available in Orlando?

The patented Steri-Green system, called SteriMed, is available in Orlando and throughout Florida. You also get the expertise of a local provider who is available 365 days a year to answer any questions or solve any problems. You get all the certificates that you need to operate as the system has been certified or licensed by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the United States Department of Transportation, the Florida Department of Environmental Professionals and the Florida Health Department.


Contact Steri-Green about this alternative medical waste treatment plan. They want to answer all your questions allowing you to feel completely confident in doing what is right for your cash flow and the environment. Stop being a slave to medical waste by using this alternative medical waste system today. They will be glad to train you and your team on the simple operation of either of these machines. You may be so enthused about them that you invite others to bring in their medical waste to dispose of in your facility.