Buyers Beware: Has Your Medical Waste Provider Sold

Buyers Beware: Has Your Medical Waste Provider Sold

Buyers Beware: Has Your Medical Waste Provider Sold

There is a growing trend within medical waste disposal companies to sell out to the competition. If you have followed the news for very long across the United States, then you are very familiar with this trend. For example, Steri-cycle purchased more than 400 medical waste companies over 25 years. Once the purchase was complete, the health care organization often received the same or a better price for the first few months. Then, these organizations saw their costs for medical waste disposal skyrocket.

Florida’s Not Exempt

While many of their acquisitions came in the Northeast, Florida is certainly not exempt from the trend. One of the state’s largest medical waste providers went on a buying frenzy. They purchased several smaller medical waste companies in Florida’s largest cities before selling out themselves.


While being purchased for a hefty price may be great news for these small companies, it is not necessarily good news for health care organizations. One of the keys that ma indicate that your medical waste provider is about to sell is that they offer unreasonably low prices. Offering low prices allows them to get more money for their company because of inflated customer numbers. One of the deciding factors in the amount that the buyer is willing to pay the seller is the number of active service contracts. Many times, companies honor low-cost agreements for a short time after the sale. Then, the buying company raises their fees dramatically because they have eliminated the competition. Of course, many health care companies and nonprofits feel that they are forced to pay these fees because they do not see any alternative.

Enter Ron Hawkins

Ron already owned several Central Florida businesses, including CarePath Diagnostics and Biosafe Supplies, when he started to study the increasing amount of medical waste. Along with the help of Dr. Lappe, Ron began Steri-Green to help Florida medical facilities deal with hazardous medical waste. His company does not tie companies to a contract with regular price increases.

The Alternative

The great news is that there is an alternative. Steri-Green wants to be your environmentally safe medical waste disposal in Orlando provider. They offer two different sizes of machines that let you process medical waste right in your facility in only a few minutes. It turns all medical waste into harmless pellets that workers can dispose of with the regular trash. The machine takes only a few minutes to operate, so your staff can easily do it alongside their daily duties. The process releases no harmful pollutants into the air or water. Steri-Green is the only alternative medical waste management service registered in Florida. Since you own the equipment, your cost never goes up. Contact Steri-Green today to learn more.