4 Medical Waste Issues You Need to Avoid

4 Medical Waste Issues You Need to Avoid

4 Medical Waste Issues You Need to Avoid

For many medical providers, safely handling medical waste is a major problem. If it is not done correctly, then you can be faced with large fines. Burning and burying it is not an answer because of the contaminants that are released into the air and ground. When you contract with a medical waste transport service you can be held liable and fined thousands of dollars if something goes wrong even if its beyond your control.

Inadequate Employee Training

It is impossible to be everywhere that your employees are, and it is often not a prudent use of your time. Yet, under the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens guidelines and state law, you are responsible for seeing that medical waste is disposed of properly. Additionally, poor actions or inaction by your employees can leave you paying additional fines or even serving prison time under the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.


Container Management and Labeling

The second mistake is that containers are improperly handled and labeled. Various laws are very specific about what biomedical waste must be stored in unique types of containers. Yet, if you walk through most medical facilities, you see biomedical waste all dumped together. This is a major issue under the law. Additionally, inadequate labeling and handling can leave employees subject to the harmful side effects of the waste. Even if they do not directly touch the waste, it may contain bacteria that can make one very sick and gets carried on hands or clothing away from the contamination area.


Emergency Contingency Plans

Many facilities find that their main plan for dealing with medical waste works very well 99 percent of the time. Even though it can be expensive, the plan works very well. It is those 1 percent days that can be a real issue. Many plans have not adequately prepared to handle biomedical waste by having over 150 percent of normal biowaste bags on hand. Making sure that everyone knows the contingency plan can be another issue. Many facilities have not examined their contingency plans for a very long time, and they are no longer feasible.


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