Why is it so important to have Medical Waste Destroyed Properly?

Only 15% of all medical waste is considered to be hazardous. The number does not sound over whelming but the types of infectious agents it produces is staggering. Many of these pathogens can survive from hours to weeks after being produced. The organisms contained in this type of medical waste may be infectious, toxic or radioactive, dangerous to all healthcare workers, patients and the general public. The danger looms until the time the waste is destroyed and sterilized. One misstep of the handling of this waste from the time of conception until these pathogens are destroyed can wreak havoc to life (including both human and animal) with diseases and death.


For years, incineration and autoclaving have been the go-to method to assure the demise of our medical waste.  Both methods pose a substantial risk to our environment sending greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and adding billions of pounds of waste into our landfills. In recent years chemical sanitizing has also been incorporated.


In a world where we have become conscience how our actions will determine the fate of our earth, given the choice to be eco-friendly should be a no brainer. The question is does the cost out way the ease of disposal? The answer is Steri-Green has built a treatment center that will also haul, destroy and recycle medical waste. Best of all it is located in Orlando, FL. Steri-Green’s patented systems process medical waste without any carbon emissions and assure that all hazardous bacteria is rendered harmless –at a cost that is surprisingly low.


Steri-Green’s patented process provides a unique competitive advantage with the way the world disposes of medical waste.


Think Green…Go Green! Steri-Green!