Who are the Producers Of Biomedical Waste?

Who are the producers of biomedical waste? In the state of Florida alone, there are around 44,000 different facilities that produce some type of medical waste. Unbelievable, right! What comes to mind of course in identifying biomedical waste generators are; hospitals, labs, clinics, doctor and dental offices, nursing homes, veterinarians and funeral parlors. At the same time, you need to throw into the mix your local pharmacy, tattoo parlors, body piercing shops which all add to the poundage of biomedical waste, all of which are regulated by state and federal laws governing proper disposal.

Meanwhile, who is regulating the way everyday people dispose of their biomedical waste such as syringes? This poses a problem for the health of the general public simply because private residences cannot all be policed daily. We must rely on good faith that people are following the proper protocol when it comes to at home disposal of medical waste. Without the proper education with regard to correct disposal of biomedical waste, it becomes a game of “Russian Roulette” that poses the risk of contracting life-threatening diseases.

With this in mind, when in doubt about the proper methods for biomedical disposal, people are able to find help through a local county needle collection program. Similarly people at home that are dealing with the aftermath of traumatic injuries should follow the guidelines for home cleanup of biomedical waste (40KB PDF).  They can also find guidance for proper cleanup or trauma scene clean up providers that can be engaged to manage site cleansing and sanitization.

We cannot feign ignorance when it comes to the proper disposal of biomedical waste because our life can be exposed to jeopardy. Take action by asking questions of your healthcare providers to educate you in this matter or do your own research. The answers are there to guide you. At some point we are all producers of biomedical waste, we are all accountable!