Medical Waste and the EPA

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was formed December 2, 1970. The mission of the EPA “is to protect human and environmental health.” The agency was formed to consolidate in to one agency a variety of federal research, monitoring, standard-setting and enforcement activities to ensure environmental protection. They also administer federal environmental laws but here’s the catch; as it pertains to Medical Waste (MW) it is up to individual state laws to regulate it. In addition, the EPA manages the emissions from incinerators, autoclaving and transportation of Medical Waste. This falls under the Department of Transportation, thus holding the generator of medical waste responsible from cradle to grave to safely delivering hazardous waste and safely dispose of it. Stressing the importance of the hauler of the waste as well as the disposal. Improper handling is considered a federal offense as well as a state offense.

Today Steri-Green brings to the medical waste industry the first of its unique service center which provides the safe hauling and disposal of MW using an eco-friendly solution while complying with all state and federal laws. The EPA is interested in Steri-Green’s processes because gas emissions can be affected by recycling and changing product use. For example, using an autoclave on 1,000 pounds of MW, 1,000 pounds of destroyed waste are added to the landfill. The weight of the weight remains the same. Steri-Green uses a globally patented technology that sterilizes and shreds medical waste resulting in no carbon footprint. This process is not only cost effective but it reduces the amount of waste that is added to the landfill because we can now recycle a great portion of the waste.

Bottom line is when doing your due diligence in researching haulers and disposal services for MW, consider all your options that are compliant with the EPA and your commitment to how we leave our earth for generations to come.